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National Conference

My South Africa, my story

National Conference OCTOBER 2016

Building on the successful national conference in 2013, AIP wishes to hold a national conference every three years. The broad goals for these conferences are:

  • to highlight the independent grassroots community print media sector as part of the national media map
  • to consolidate the sector
  • to deepen skills

In line with this, AIP will hold a two day National Conference in October 2016. The main purpose of the conference will be to bring together all stakeholders in the media sector to discuss the role and purpose of the independent grassroots print media in the current South African context. AIP’s other activities include, but are not limited to, advocacy, lobbying and skills development. The conference will include an annual general meeting (AGM).

The theme of the conference is:

My South Africa, my story

How can the media sector ensure that community voices are included in the national agenda?  How do we ensure that community voices form part of the national media agenda?

Who is telling the stories of South Africa? What stories are being told? Are there gaps?

Who is listening? Are there silences? Are we hearing a wider range of voices from all parts of the country? Has anything changed in the last three years, since our last conference?

Is there due recognition of the community print media sector for telling these voices?