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Valent Shoatja

Valent was born in Tembisa. He attended a number of primary schools, which for some people would have been daunting, however he enjoyed the varied experiences and believes they helped shape who he is today. He did his high school years at Zitikeni Secondary School and completed his matric in 2014. In 2015, he pursued his undergraduate studies in Public Management and Governance, completing the degree in 2018 at the University of Johannesburg. In 2019, he enrolled for an honours programme. He then secured an internship in 2019 at the Services Seta, which provided him with concrete work experience. In 2020, when Covid hit, his internship ended, but he continued his studies online and obtained several certificates. In 2022, he completed another internship at Bluefields, which led to his current position as administrator for AIP. He has been at AIP since 2022.

  • Fun Facts About Valent Shoatja

    1. Do you have any hidden talents or obsessions? Yes, I am obsessed with the universe, nature, ancient technology, sports and the colour black!
    1. If you launched a publication, what would it be about? It would prioritise investigative reporting. It would explore stories and issues that are often ignored or under-reported. This would include topics like social justice, environmental issues, global politics, and emerging trends in technology and culture. By delving deep into these subjects, the publication would offer readers a more nuanced understanding of complex issues, helping to foster informed and engaged citizens.
    1. What is your all-time favourite song or singer and why? Gabrielle – Rise – a classic song with a beautiful message that can pick you up in whatever mood you are in and put you in an even better mood! I used to love hearing my mom sing every word of it. And everyone in the family genuinely loved and jammed to the song. So, every time I listen to it, it is just nostalgic.
    1. What media (television, radio or publications) do you like and why? My favourite radio station is Jacaranda FM. I grew up listening to it when it was still called Jacaranda 94.2 – and I still listen to it to this day. Regarding publications, I loved the old Daily Sun and The Citizen. With the Daily Sun, it was the fun and weird stories that I enjoyed reading, while with The Citizen, it was the informative business side and the in-depth analysis of the stories that got me hooked.
    1. Who is the person (or people) who has influenced you the most in your life and why? My mom, I am who I am today because of her. Her love, her strictness, her calmness and how she took control, whether in good or bad situations, inspired me when I was young. I aspire to grow up possessing some of her characteristics and qualities. I feel privileged to have had someone like her to be my mom.