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The following services are offered to members of the Association of Independent Publishers and we are continually pursuing other opportunities. If you have a particular need, please contact us.

1. Skills development opportunities

  • Advocacy services through the development of the membership database, the AIP map, the AIP website. AIP profiles and many other activities
  • Automatic membership of the Press Council (no cost)
  • Press cards at a reduced rate
  • Access to Pro Bono lawyers with regard to freedom of expression, defamation and other cases
  • Access to Pro Bono lawyer for advice on contracts
  • Access to skills development workshops
  • Helpline for general troubleshooting  and advice
  • Access to resources such as The Guide to the Business of Newspapers, The Extraordinary Editor and others.

In turn, members are expected to:

  • Abide by the Press Code
  • Agree that the AIP and the ABC liaise with the relevant printers for verification of frequency and print run
  • If a member books a space on a skills development but does not attend, that publication will be excluded from further training opportunities.

2. Publications available

Presently all in hard copy but will be uploaded onto the reconstructed AIP website for downloading

  • Guide to the Business of Newspapers – Jolyon Nuttall, Gavin Stewart, John Brand
  • Reporting the Courts – A quick Guide and Glossery – Kevin Ritchie, Gwen Ansell, Paddi Clay
  • The Extraordinary Editor – Guy Berger and Elizabeth Barrett
  • A touchpad to our future – an election resource for journalists – Open Society Foundation

For further information, please contact Mathapelo, Ntando or Kate at 011 713 9614 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] 

We wish you well in all your endeavours.